"Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living"

Just submit a story and see if it gets posted. Only true stories please, this is a site where believers can share experiences.


Sorting through submissions, and posting new stories, a few at a time!
Don’t forget to go back and read the old ones, The very oldest ones are my favorites!

Sorting through submissions, and posting new stories, a few at a time!

Don’t forget to go back and read the old ones, The very oldest ones are my favorites!

Your Ghost Stories: Another one of mine:



Ok so I said earlier in a story that my brother lived in japan for a little while in the marines. They asked a native girl if she would tell them a ghost story. She told them of a little house sitting on a cliff at the edge of the woods down a trail. My brother and his friends got flashlights and…

Why do i read these lol especially when #thegrudge is the movie that creeps me out the most

You read them because they are ADDICTIVE

Skype Growling

One night I was having a conversation with my boyfriend over Skype, and he stepped away to go to the bathroom. About a minute or two after he left, I began to hear growling, like from a large dog. I called out to him but I got no answer, I was afraid a dog had found its way into the house or maybe was having a seizure? I didn’t know what to think. This went on for around fifteen minutes, with one to three seconds between each growl. And each of them were different but never wavering in volume, it sounded like the growling was right next to his computer, though he didn’t have his cam set up, so I couldn’t see anything on his end. I wish I had recorded it, I’m not that tech savvy and I was too worried/scared to think of it at the time. When he came back and I told him about the growls, he said that he was on the other side of the house so he didn’t hear anything. His cat of many, many years had passed away shortly beforehand but I can’t believe that even a ghost of his cat could have made sounds like that.

Anon please.

Ghost hugger

This happened to me a little over a year ago. I’ve woken up and seen weird things before, but have always blamed it on waking hallucinations. 
Though this one experience was different.  
At the time I was living with a close male friend. It was maybe about 11pm, I was barely asleep. I was awoken by someone hugging me from behind. (I assumed it was my roommate saying goodnight before he went off to bed, he’d do this some times.) The hug finished, and I felt him get up. I turned around in my bed, and saw his dark figure leaving. It was moderately dark in my room, but there were street lights outside my window that were bright enough to light up my room a little through the closed blinds. I said “goodnight”, the figure said nothing and continued moving right through my closed bedroom door.
I then got up and found my roomate mid raid (avid WoW player) in his room at the other end of the apartment. He knew nothing of it. 
I’m not really sure what happened. My fiance passed a couple years before that though, I like to think it was him. 

In my old house, we had a large attic that stretched across my entire house, kind of like a second floor. Since my house was old, if my dad went up there and walked around, you could hear him very clearly and  could usually tell where he was in the attic by the noise of his steps. I must be honest and admit that I believe in the paranormal, but I had lived in my house for fourteen years at that point and nothing had ever really happened besides whispering at night (which i usually passed of as my cats or something) So I was sitting at my desk and I heard footfalls in the attic cross the span of the house several times. back and forth. back and forth. I was thinking “What is my dad DOING?” and then i remembered- My dad wasn’t home. I was by myself and had let myself in. Freaked out, I called my mom and told her I thought someone was in the attic. My mom called my dad home and he went upstairs and checked it out. No one was there. No evidence of anyone coming in or out. I hate- to this very day- being alone in my new house.
I recently found out that a bishop died in my parent’s bedroom.
(I would like to be submitted as anonymous.)

A couple years ago, Kathy, my mothers friend bought a new house up North. It was just her, her son who was only 3 at the time and her dog. We would go up and visit her often and she would tell us about the frequent paranormal disturbances she had been experiencing; doors slamming, whispers, lights shutting off by themselves… but the room that scared her the most was the kitchen; It held a very negative energy. The kitchen had a terrible aura and the air was so thick it made you sick to your stomach. In the kitchen next to the counter was a small cupboard that had a radiating coldness. She mentioned that she would often find the cupboard door wide open when she knew it had been shut. And her dog would bark at the cupboard for hours.
One time when we were visiting, we were sitting in the dining room which was attached to the kitchen. Her son was playing with some toys on the kitchen floor when all of a sudden he started screaming at the top of his lungs and the dog was barking. We rushed towards him wondering what had happened. He sat, screaming and crying and pointing at the cupboard where the dog was all so barking towards.
Kathy comforted her son as I opened the cupboard but it was empty. The only thing there was that cold space.
One afternoon we ventured in to town and ended up talking to one of the locals who owned a small bakery. Kathy mentioned that she had recently moved in to the house and had been experiencing weird occurrences. The man informed us that the house used to be owned by a doctor who brought his patients home. His daughter was depressed and crawled in to a cupboard in the kitchen and Over Dosed on some of the pills her father had. He found her when he opened the cupboard and her dead body fell on to the kitchen floor.
We never visited her house again.

1910-again asked
Just wanted to say that I'm very glad I found your blog! I've been searching for a blog just like this, it's a great premise- great to hear first-person stories. I'm wondering, could you recommend any other blogs that seriously attempt to document allegedly true ghost stories- either historical or contemporary?

As of right now, I can’t but if I come across any i will def post to let you know! (: I just started running the blog again and have a lot of submissions so i’m sorting through, then about to start posting!


Your Ghost Stories: Was someone in the house?


OKAAAAAAAAAAY so like 2 and half years ago I was pet sitting overnight for this lady with two big Labrador Retrievers because she was out of town for a wedding. Well I started getting creeped out because I was hearing noises from upstairs, so I put the tv on really loud cause I always do that when…

And just like that, all desire to babysit/petsit vanished.

The feeling you get when..

i have a lot of stories, but this one is the last to happen.

i live on a smal apartament that my mom rents on my grandfather, it only has 2 rooms, we have one as kitchen/dinning room and the bedroom/library. I was lying in my bed, half-sleep when i heard the main door opening, since this happened on the time my mom used to arrive, i didnt say anything, then i heard footsteps and the opening of the bedroom’s door, thats when i started to get nervous, i still don’t know why. Anyway, while i was facing to the wall that is next to my bed, i felt someone sitting on it, and at that moment i was pretty tense, so i turned around, but the rrom was empty, all the apartament was. Later i asked my granmother if she entered, but she were all the time on her house.

I already knew that the place was haunted, but its one of the few esperiences that i had on the bedroom

Sorry if i have grammatical mistakes, english its not my first language

So here’s the deal.

Every time I get on i have to respond to 20 messages wondering where I am. 

Guys, I’m not going to “make up” stories to post here.

This is for real encounters and experiences.

If it gets slow with submissions, I don’t post.

So if you want to hear more stories, spread the word, get more people to come forward.

Untill then, what is everyone being for Halloween? Any spooky plans?

The Shadow

Paramormal experiences have affected almost every member of my family. I literally have stories about demons, ghost children, or just about anything you can think of. Nothing paranormal had ever happened to me though until the summer before my 9th grade year. My brother and I would sleep in the living room because our rooms weren’t air conditioned yet. It would get incredibly dark and on more than one occasion I would have to sleep with the light on because I just wouldn’t feel comfortable. One night around 2:00 am, I heard a phone ring and sat up quick. I felt as if my heart was beating in slow motion and at times I didn’t feel it beating at all. I walked to my mom’s room but just remember standing in front of her bed before I blacked out. When I came to, both of my parents were standing over me but there’s was a black shadow sitting on the edge of their bed, as if watching. I didn’t think anything of it, maybe I had just hit my head too hard. After that night, my parents started fighting almost every night and every night I’d see the shadow walking around my house. What scared me the most was that even though it was pitch black in my house, the shadow was still much darker. I still see it and when I do I know that my parents will end up getting into a fight. It brings negative energy with it.

Was i alone?

A night last week, i was cleaning my room as i usually always do. I had the music up loud, window wide open, and my fan turned on. First, I start with my clothes. I take them out, fold them, and hang them back up. I hear a loud scraping noise, and turn around to notice that my bedside table had been pushed to the middle of the floor. Then, the fan turns itself off, my window slams shut & my TV turns to fuzzy noises & an image appears on the screen. It was a picture of me slaughtered, and my two eyes laying on the floor beside me. I run downstairs and out of the house, then go to my grandmothers house. I fell asleep.

(I edited to show i submitted because they asked to be anon.)

I love the feedback I’m getting from people who are relieved to hear that they are not alone in their struggle with the paranormal!

I’d love to get more stories guys!


Haunted Plantation

Ok, I have said in an ask that I would write about my experiences at a plantation near my home. My friend’s mom was the manager of Oak Alley Plantation. One summer, while short-staffed, her mom would have her and I come with her to work on days when big tour buses were expected and do little chores for her in exchange for lunch, and ice-cream, and a sleepover the night before.

One of the tasks involved was wiping down all the MANY antique desks, chairs, dressers, etc since in such a old house they collect dust easily. One day making our rounds upstairs we finished the children’s room, then did the room across the hall. On our way downstairs we passed by the childrens room again and stopped dead in our tracks. The doll that was on the bed was on the floor, the rocking horse on the far side of the room was now near the window, the blanket in the crib was on the floor.. The house was not yet opened. Me and Kay were the only people in or around the house besides her mom who was setting up the register downstairs. We screamed, ran downstairs, and told her mom what happened. She kept us outside for the rest of the day, mostly letting us play since she felt bad for us being so scared. 

That night on the way home, her mom told us a story about something she experienced while working that she had never told anyone. She said one night, while being the last person to close up she turned off all the lights in the house, set the alarm then set on the path (called the whistle walk) that led to her car. All of the sudden, the path was lit up, a light turned on behind her. She turned around and saw in the top window (known as ms. stuarts room) the light was on and there was a person in the window that seemed to be waving at her. SHe ran to her car and was so scared she actually called into work the next day. She has avoided closing the house alone, or even being in the house alone since that day.

I know there are a lot of rumors about the place. I can only speak for my own experience. But I do not believe her mom was lying. I believe as she walked her path to her car, someone was watching her go.

The House

The children’s room (part of it)

The whistle walk leading to the car